Fremantle Press welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from authors of Western Australian origin or whose main place of residence is Western Australia. Work by non–Western Australian authors will be considered when the subject matter has a strong Western Australian focus. This applies to all genres we publish.

Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged electronically. We endeavour to review all submissions within ten weeks. If there is interest in your submission, you will be contacted within this period. Otherwise, you will receive an automatic email advising you that we are not able to accept your manuscript for publication.

Every submission must include a brief synopsis (200 words), an author biography (200 words) and a brief description of intended readership (200 words).

Your manuscript must be typed, page-numbered and submitted as a Word document or pdf file. 

Before submitting, please consult the guidelines for your genre by clicking 'More'.

We thank you for the opportunity to consider your work.


This category includes picture books, books for junior and middle readers, and books for young adults.

We do not publish textbooks for children.

In the case of picture books, images are not required unless you are both the author and the illustrator of this work. If you are both, please do include sample images with your submission. If you are not an illustrator, text only is fine.


This category includes novels, short story collections, novellas, creative non-fiction, memoir, travel writing and true crime.

Please send your entire manuscript.


This category can include a broad range of topics such as biography, history, popular science, sport and gardening, as well as books featuring photography and fine art.

Please send your entire manuscript or, in the case of a proposal, please send:

  • An outline including a table of contents and brief chapter summaries.
  • The opening three chapters or the first 10,000 words, whichever is greater.
  • Samples of visual material (diagrams, photographs, illustrations) where applicable.

If your submission is primarily visual, for example a fully formed photography book or a book of botanical art, please use the ‘Photos or visual material upload’ button below and upload multiple images as a single pdf file (preferred) or your best 10 images as jpg, gif, tiff or png files.


Please note that while we are open to considering work from established writers, our focus at this time is on the work of new and emerging poets.

Please send your entire manuscript (minimum 60 A4 pages).

Wherever possible, Fremantle Press uses the services of Western Australian photographers for book covers. Fremantle Press is currently seeking photographers with existing portfolios of work on a variety of subjects.


Please include:

  • Your full name, contact number and email address.
  • The URL of your portfolio.

Your information will be kept on file. You may be contacted from time to time with photographic requests.

Fremantle Press uses the services and maintains folios of freelance illustrators and artists of Western Australian origin or whose normal place of residence is Western Australia.  


To submit sample work please compile a full colour, single, one-sided, A3 sheet as a pdf, including:

  • Your full name,      contact number and email address.
  • Examples of your      work.
Fremantle Press