Fremantle Press welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from authors of Western Australian origin or whose main place of residence is Western Australia. Work by non–Western Australian authors will be considered when the subject matter has a strong Western Australian focus. This applies to all genres we publish.

Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged electronically. We endeavour to review all submissions within ten weeks. If there is interest in your submission, you will be contacted within this period. Otherwise, you will receive an automatic email advising you that we are not able to accept your manuscript for publication. 

Every submission must include a brief synopsis (200 words), an author biography (200 words) and a brief description of intended readership (200 words). 

Your manuscript must be typed, page-numbered and submitted as a Word document or pdf file. Before submitting, please consult the guidelines for your genre by clicking 'More'.

We thank you for the opportunity to consider your work.

Co-curated with Get YA Words Out, and edited by Seth Malacari, Fremantle Press is seeking stories from the LGBTIQA+ community for an anthology of YA literature, An Unexpected Party, to be published in 2023.

This is a chance for around 20 new and emerging LGBTIQA+ writers, who have not yet had a full-length book traditionally published, to share their work. We are particularly interested in encouraging submissions from writers who identify with the ‘TIQA+’ end of the acronym (trans, intersex, queer, asexual, aromantic and other identities not represented), plus intersectional stories from the BIPOC and CALD communities.

About Seth Malacari

Get YA Words Out founder, Seth Malacari (he/they) is an award-winning writer, whose work has appeared in Underdog: LoveOzYA Short Stories (2019). He has a Masters in Writing from Deakin University specialising in Queer YA and was the former chair of LoveOzYA. 

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: 30 November 2022

More information: If you require assistance with your electronic submission or for any other queries, please contact


We are seeking submissions written for young adults, from stories containing a smidge of magical or supernatural elements, all the way through to science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction.

Submissions will only be accepted from LGBTIQA+ people. We are searching for own voices queer stories. You will not be asked to prove this, but we do expect honesty.

This anthology is open to those who live in so-called Australia or hold Australian citizenship living overseas.

Submissions from writers who have not yet had a full-length novel traditionally published, are all welcome.

You may submit one piece of fiction of 3,000 to 5,000 words. You may also submit an oral submission as an MP3 audio file or as an MP4 video file. This will still need to be a piece of fiction of 3,000 to 5,000 words. Materials will need to be sufficient quality in order to allow for transcription into a written format. Please note that Submittable only accepts files of up to 400mbs.

One submission per person. 

The submitted work must be previously unpublished. 


This category includes picture books, books for junior and middle readers, and books for young adults.

We do not publish textbooks for children.

In the case of picture books, images are not required unless you are both the author and the illustrator of this work. If you are both, please do include sample images with your submission. If you are not an illustrator, text only is fine.


This category includes novellas, novels, narrative non-fiction (also known as creative non-fiction), memoir, travel writing and true crime. If you have a collection of short fiction, please submit it via the form Short fiction collections.

ALL manuscripts in this category should be a minimum of 45,000 words. 

Please send your entire manuscript.



This category includes short story collections. 

Short story collections will be considered but please note that we will be in touch with you within 10 weeks ONLY if we would like to consider the contents of your collection for possible future anthologies, or with an invitation to submit longer-form work. Otherwise, you will not receive a response from us. 

ALL manuscripts in this category should be a minimum of 45,000 words. Please send your entire manuscript. 

Please note submissions of single stories will not be read and you will receive no further response from us. 


This category can include a broad range of topics such as biography, history, popular science, sport and gardening, as well as books featuring photography and fine art.  

If your non-fiction submission is primarily text-based (e.g. biography, history): Please upload your entire manuscript (minimum 45,000 words) as a single Word or pdf file. It must include a table of contents. Samples of visual material (diagrams, photographs, illustrations) may be included using the ‘Photos or visual material upload’ section. You may upload up to 10 supporting images as jpg, gif, tiff or png files. If you have more than 10 images, choose only your best 10. 

If your non-fiction submission is primarily visual (e.g. a fully formed photography book or a book of botanical art): Please upload a fully outlined proposal of the book, with sample text if applicable, as well as a contents page. Use the ‘Photos or visual material upload’ section to upload a sample of your images – either multiple images as a single pdf file (preferred), or your best 10 images as high-resolution jpg, gif, tiff or png files. Please note that while we only request a sample of images, you will need to have in your own archives enough high-resolution visual content for a minimum of 100 pages. 

Note: this section is for submission of your online photography portfolio, from which Fremantle Press may occasionally request to license an image for use on our book covers.

If you have a proposal for a photography book, please submit it under our 'Non-fiction submissions' section.


Please include:

  • Your full name, contact number and email address.
  • The URL of your portfolio.

We will not reply to your portfolio submission, but your details will be kept on file and we will contact you should we wish to license an image. 

Fremantle Press uses the services and maintains folios of freelance illustrators and artists of Western Australian origin or whose normal place of residence is Western Australia.  


To submit sample work please compile a full colour, single, one-sided, A3 sheet as a pdf, including:

  • Your full name, contact number and email address.
  • Examples of your work.
Fremantle Press